Goa – a small coastal state in India – has a colourful history as bold as the sun that shines there. 

There is colour all over India, it’s well-known for it. But what makes Goa a little different is the 451 years it had under Portugese rule. This difference runs deep in the culture. Most obvious to me as a tourist was the architecture, and with it, the colour. A stroll down the narrow streets of Goas capital city Panjim is a lesson in colour theory and opportunity.



The dramatic and startling colours were initially achieved with vegetable and natural dyes. This history of the colourfulness is rooted in necessity – during Portugese rule only churches and chapels were allowed to be painted white and a homeowner could be fined if his house was not painted. But what began as a need, over time grew into an aesthetically pleasing trend. Competition among neighbours encouraged the belief that with colour, the house looked ‘dressed’ and therefore showed the owners were ‘well-off’: )



Here in New Zealand our tradition is a little more subdued, at least for the colours we paint our houses. But there is nothing stopping us taking a bold, vibrant approach indoors: )



Create this look in your own home : Dreamweaver Patio Chair in Gelati from Family Love TreeStill life photographic art print by Georgie Maylon from endemicworld / Hammered drum coffee table from Freedom / Casbah throw is Rose, Velvet Jewel Round Quilted Cushion in Ruby, Nepalese Wool Cross Trivet in Pink, White Catina Pot and Calatheas Potted plant ALL from Adairs

Make a statement with one of these beauties from Resene : Irresistible pink / cheeky Malarky orange / deep Trouble / on a crisp Alabaster white base

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