There is something special about getting the Christmas tree up. It signals the end of the year, and hence, new beginnings. It means summer is here. Long daylight hours, warm nights, time with friends & family. And, hopefully, a few days off from work.

As a child I remember my mother bringing out the Christmas tree decorations. Careful wrapped to allow for the fact they spent 11 months of their yearly life stuffed in a cupboard. As a special treat we would be allowed to add two new decorations each year, via a visit to the Christmas shop at Kirkaldie and Stains, Wellingtons only department store.

Thirty years later and not only does Wellington now have more than one department store, Christmas decorations are sold far and wide. There are multiple options, including many choices of trees. This year I visited the good folk at Adairs to see what goodies they had in store. The Adairs Christmas collection for 2017 can take you in whatever direction feels right in your home. We put together three different looks to get you started.








Shop the Adairs Christmas collection online here or visit your nearest store


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