When I travel to Sydney I have the pleasure of staying in what has become one of my all-time favourite homes. She sits unassuming behind the hedge, a victorian beauty.

This has been a family home for 30+ years. Gracefully extended to accomodate changing needs. The traditional victorian corridor provides entrance to bedrooms and bathrooms, blowing open at the end to deliver a bright family living area which keeps on going straight to the tropical garden beyond, where families of Australian birds have also made it their home. This house continues to reveal itself at each doorframe.

Here’s what I love about this house: The giant half-circle internal window. The way the light changes between the cool corridor and the warm open-plan living. The way the bathrooms feel modern yet timeless. The thoughtful planting of jasmine in the garden beyond the bedroom windows. The traditional features – stained glass windows, light globe pullies and vaulted archways.

What pulls all this together is the curated collection of furnishings, gathered over time from places travelled. The owners of this Victorian beauty spent time living in Thailand. They have cleverly bought the aesthetic home with them. It works. It feels right.

This family have been kind and thoughtful owners to miss 343 Annandale Street, ‘Iona’ as she was named in 1904. She is now ready to meet new owners and show them how wonderful life can be living here. You can take a virtual tour through this delightful house here. If you live in Sydney, go check her out.